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Hazel Findlay has been climbing for 20 of her 26 years, and started out trad climbing on the limestone sea cliffs of Pembrokeshire. She dabbled in competition climbing - she was the British junior champion six times - but at 16 decided to give it up to focus on climbing on rock, especially trad climbing which is her main passion. Hazel has been a full time climber for the last four years, which has allowed her to travel all over the world climbing interesting pieces of rock.

Hazel was the first British woman to climb a trad route at E9, and free El Capitan in Yosemite, which she has now done three times. Hazel has also red pointed 8c and onsighted many 8as, loves all types of climbing from bouldering to alpine climbing and is especially interested in the mental challenge that climbing evokes.

  • Hazel climbing in Australia

"Hi Hazel, hope you're doing well. Just thought I'd send you a quick message; redpointed my first 7a today, absolutely chuffed to bits. Everything I picked up from you in Kalymnos has been brilliant, really given me the confidence to up my game, much quicker than I was expecting, too! You can add that to your list of coaching successes.."


  • Do you say ‘take’, jump off or down climb instead of committing to a move, even when you know it’s safe to fall?
  • Do you engage in negative internal dialogue before or during climbing?
  • Are you scared to fall on to trad gear even if it’s good?
  • Does a lack of confidence stop you from stepping off the ground?
  • Do you ever freeze up entirely on a route?

If so maybe I can help?

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